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 Company Registration Fact Sheet

Key Facts:

. It normally takes between 1-3 weeks to set up a company.
. Foreigners and Thai citizens can be directors.
. Minimum no. of shareholders is 3 persons over 20 years of age.
. Minimum 51% Thai. Maximum 49% of foreign held shares (except if allowed by
  special foreign treaty, Alien Business Act of approval of Board of Investment).
. If a foreign shareholder holds more than 40% or a foreign director is registered
  in the company the Thai shareholders must show evidence of funds
  and how such funds have been obtained e.g.
    1. Certified Employer's letter of monthly salary
    2. Bank book and last 6 months statements
    3. Sale of personal assets and agreement or money transfer
    4. Loan and copy of loan agreement and money transfer
. Post set up a shareholder can be a foreign company or your child.