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 Long Term Leases

A lease in Thailand is an interest in land, land and house or condominium given by the owner (letter or lessor) to another person (hirer or lessee) for a fixed duration giving them right to exclusive possession of the premises. Foreigners are allowed to lease immovable property in Thailand and be registered on the Title Deed as the lease owner. Any long term lease must be registered with the Land Department.

Unlike direct land ownership, a foreigner can obtain 100% interest for a land lease in Thailand.  The maximum lease term available is 30 years, with an option to renew for an additional 30 years. Each lease renewal agreed with the landowner must be registered at the local land office and for each new registration, taxes will be levied. Under certain circumstances, land for industrial or commercial purposes may be leased for up to 50 years by a foreign company.


There are numerous obstacles faced by foreigners who wish to buy land or purchase property in Thailand and therefore many choose to purchase land on a 30 year leasehold with an option for extension. This is the simplest and most straightforward way for foreigners.  A lease stays valid when land or property is sold.

A foreigner's lease rights are formally recognized by Thai law. The land lease is executed and registered only once, after which very little legal maintenance is required.

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