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1. Contact Department of Public Welfare (DPW) or authorized Thai NGO for application forms and list of authorized adoption agencies


2. Engage licensed adoption agency in state of residence to conduct home study


3. File I-600A (or I-600 if child has been identified) with INS office in U.S.

3-6 months for INS approval

4. Submit completed application to DPW with all supporting documents

6 to 12 months for DPW to match approved application with child and receive CAB approval

5. DPW (or NGO) matches child with adoptive parents


6. Advise DPW whether proposed match is acceptable


7. Child Adoption Board (CAB) reviews match; if approves, sends to Ministry of Labor for final approval


8. Interview with CAB

Approximately 2 months for appointment

9. File I-600 with INS (if I-600A previously filed)

Expedited Processing

10. Apply for IR4 immigrant visa at Consular Section IV Unit

Same or next day visa pickup

11. Licensed adoption agency in U.S. supervises pre-adoption placement with at least three bi-monthly visits and reports to CAB

Not less than 6 months

12. CAB approval of final adoption under Thai law

Approximately 2 months

13. Parents register adoption at Thai Embassy or Consulates

Within 6 months of notification of CAB approval