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 Partnership Registration Fact Sheet

Key Facts:

• It normally takes between 3-5 weeks to set up a partnership.
• Only Thai citizens can be directors.
• Minimum no. of partners is 2 persons over 20 years of age.
• Minimum 51% Thai. Maximum 49% of foreign held shares (except if allowed by   special foreign treaty, Alien Business Act of approval of Board of Investment).
• Post set up a partner can be a foreign company or your child.

Documentation and information required:

1. Thai partners:
      a. 5 signed copies of house registration and ID card
      b. Evidence of funds and how such funds have been obtained e.g.
          i. Certified Employer’s letter
          ii. Bank book and last 6 months statements
          iii. Sale of personal assets and agreement or money transfer
          iv. Loan and copy of loan agreement and money transfer